Doing the Do


Oh Dear Lord it has been a lifetime since I have been on here.
Quick Update:
My boys are now 21 and 18.
21 year old is studying Arts Law
18 year old has moved out of home and working for Australia Post
Phil and I have bought a house and our relationship is still fantastic.
He is the love of my life.
I have been working for the last 7 years in the one organisation.
Last week i resigned.
I am going back to do some online study to up-skill.
I want my own business.
I am looking for part time work in the area I want to move into.
I do not dye my hair anymore, that has been so liberating.
I wear my grey with pride.
I've been to Hong Kong and New York.
I am going to UK in next 2 years.
I am going to Tasmania at the end of this year.
My family has extended to Phil's boys one 23 the other 25.
They live with us for the meantime.
The 25 year old has Aspergers like my 21 year old.
He's been undiagnosed all his life.
He originally live with Phil and I when we moved into together.
After 6 months we assisted him to move out by paying $100 to his rent for 2 years.
He's bounced back home.
He's easier to deal with.
Phil can see the similarities with my Otis 21 year old.
Otis has had me helping him along and a physiologist and psychiatrist when needed through out his diagnosed life as an Aspie.
Difference is amazing.
Phil is forming a good relationship with him after all this time.
Its all in the approach and letting go of the social norms.

all text is the � of Ms Do